This is a practice that I have just started recently. I have to give credit to Writer’s Boot Camp by Rachel Federman for this discovery. The basic technique for this is to write. That easy. Write down your thoughts. Write … Read More


Notes – Here is another entry from a Creative Cafe writer’s meeting. It was based on words or phrases which included comfortable and eyes closed. Enjoy.   I felt most comfortable with my eyes closed. My imagination could roam around … Read More

Wednesday Prompt – Moonlight

The first of Writing Prompt Wednesdays and here is my entry. Sometimes it will be later, but the writing will always be based off the Write-On’s group prompt. As always, this has little direction. There is places where this can … Read More

The Pantser – Writing Style

 The pantser. This is the sort of writer I am. I have always been this way as well. I used to feel a bit ashamed that I would never write outlines. That sense of insecurity has left me long ago. … Read More

Writing Wednesday – Hacker

I do not remember what this prompt was started from. It is dated back in January of 2017. It was a time before I wrote down what each prompt was. This spawned from many late-night meals at Dennys or other … Read More

Editing Process

 I had to revisit the process of editing recently. An opportunity arose to help a fellow writer and I took it.  It was a weird feeling as I have been removed from that for so long. Once back, the whole … Read More

Arts and Creativity

The title may be misleading a little as I mean the arts. It is not limited to painting, drawing, and coloring. Those are important, as well. When I say the arts, I refer to any creative endeavor. Music, dance, writing, … Read More