New Music

I discuss more of the music I use as inspiration and where I go to find it.… Read More

Constructive Critique

Write-On writing group will be meeting at Harvest Time Bible Church in Rock Falls, IL. The meeting takes place from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Members sign up in advance to read some of their work and get critiqued by … Read More

Portal Business

This was something short but fun from the Write-On writing group. The prompt had talked about a portal as well as another using colors. I combined a couple of them and came up with this. Another unedited work from 2019. … Read More

Journey With Strangers

Another writing prompt that I had fun with. I do not remember the exact statement, but it had to deal with language barriers. This was a standalone piece as many are. There is a lot of room for expansion both … Read More

The Laughing

Welcome to the world of Vincent unedited. I had written this as a prompt for my writing group in 2019. One of the suggestions for a story was that it was National Laugh Day. I might have taken that direction … Read More

Lost Youth

This story was another submission to The Egg that was printed by Robert Morris University. It is a very early entry back into writing and something that I was thinking of expanding on at one time. This was a time … Read More

The Inspiration – Music

Honestly, I find inspiration everywhere.  Music is a heavy influence and listed first for a reason. Typically, every story, whether it is long or short, has a song or playlist. Runner’s Rise had one song I would listen to every … Read More

The Gamer

 I am a gamer. My path through gaming has spanned more than 20 years and over a variety of areas.  The earliest memories I have are of video gaming. This has taken a backseat recently, but it does come out … Read More